Delighting audiences in the 1930s and later, Bing Crosby was an exceptional singer. Born on 3 May 1903, Crosby was the fourth of seven children, with Irish, Scottish and English ancestry. He grew up on the site of the private Jesuit university Gonzaga in Spokane, Washinton State.

On graduating High School in 1920, he attended Gonazaga university for three years before dropping out without a degree. He created a band in 1923 and headed to Los Angeles in 1925. After working in various parts of los ansgeles, his band was hired by Paul Whiteman.

There was modest sucess here, before he took on another painist, Harry Barris and created the Rythym Boys. His first number 1 was with the single Ol Man River. Over time, Crosby became well known as a solo singer, and his attachment to the band began to wane. In 1931 he released 15 Minutes with Bing Crosby, a weekly national radio broadcast which made very popular, and basically a superstar.

He began to appear in films, and by 1936 was certifiable box office gold with films such as Pennies from heaven.

In 1941, he released the Song White Christmas, and the song appeared in the film Holiday inn in 1942 and remains one of the biggest selling singles of all time.

His later films were quite well received including High Society, which had the great song true love.

At 74 years of age he died after a game of golf. His last words were “That was a great game of golf fellas. Lets go have a coca cola.”

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